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StudentScreener.com is a service of FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, a national leading provider of information services whose founding goes back to 1906. Today, FirstPoint Background Screening is a national leader in consumer data and the management and delivery of that data. The FirstPoint Background Screening Experience is built on three principles; Solutions…Service…Integrity.

Information Solutions

Since 1906, businesses and organizations have trusted FirstPoint to help them make the right decisions. Information is the fuel that drives today’s organizations, but just understanding the information is not enough. Organization leaders need to be able to understand the sources providing the information and be able to trust its accuracy. It’s not your provider’s reputation that is at stake, it’s the reputation of your organization. As part of offering you the FirstPoint Experience, our objective is to not just provide information, but to authenticate that information and to help you choose the information that’s right for your needs.

At FirstPoint Background Screening, information is not about price but about value; the value it brings to the decisions you need to make that drive your organization forward.


Service to us means an opportunity; an opportunity to deliver the FirstPoint Experience every time, at every point of contact.. At FirstPoint, you’re greeted by a warm, friendly representative and not a computer. We ask YOU to set the expectations you have for us and then we work like crazy to exceed them.

Integrity - Compliance is our Business!

If information is the fuel that drives our organizations, then compliance and regulations are the road map-our GPS, providing navigation for the journey. For our customers, the FirstPoint experience means we play to win but we win while playing by the rules. Compliance and integrity are foundation pillars at FirstPoint Background Screening. Whether the regulations are State or Federal, whether the security involves the data or the delivery/storage of that data, we believe compli¬ance is our responsibility to manage, not just yours. Are we serious about integrity and compliance at all points of contact? Just ask Equifax. We have been an Equifax Sales Agent for over a quarter of a century.

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